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Announcing Peggy’s New Book – 3 years in the making …

NEW — Between Sun Set and Sun Rise Contact Peggy to Order Your Copy As family caregivers are released from duty by the passing of their loved one, they can find themselves in the dilemma of combining mourning with conducting … Continue reading

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The Story Of The Sixteen Stories

“It’s Hard To Salute Standing In A Wall Locker” If you have a few minutes and really are interested in hearing how I got these WWII stories from 16 ladies, in all four branches of the military, in eleven states … Continue reading

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The Trump’s Tsunami

Given our impression that The Donald is, among other traits, delusional, let’s toy with a slice of his delusions this way: he sees himself as being a “greatest of all time” Tsunami cascading him over Washington, crashing him directly (even … Continue reading

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Help! It’s Holiday ‘Help’

Now don’t get me wrong. I am completely aware of how much temporary employment can mean to millions during the Holidays. And I do understand how necessary those temps are to stores of all sizes and denominations. I’m only making … Continue reading

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A Seasonal Mix-up

As I pass by the office sliding glass doors, I see the wan, low-UV November sun is shafting through the cloud cracks, playing with the edges of on oncoming front. Showers are in the forecast of course, because this is … Continue reading

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A Tearless Tale

We (that’s the editorial pronoun use) are wearing our handydandy Lowe’s (that’s where we get our military discount) garden gloves, and are bent over in the late afternoon sun, pulling up some spent marigold root clumps. The worst happens. Trying … Continue reading

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The Hug

I’m not a hugger. Usually touching cheeks does what’s necessary as a greeting or a thanks. Since yesterday I’m filled with wonder about a big one! This hug wrapped itself all the way around my heart, indelibly. I was in … Continue reading

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Oh. Where, O Where Has The Bedroom Gone

In times past, the bedroom was a sanctuary, a getaway, a quiet and shaded place used mostly for sleep and sex. Both of these had their respected times sans interruption. When in use either way, door was closed (universal STAY … Continue reading

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Three Great Reads by WWII Author/Humorist Peggy Lutz

Never Salute With A Broken Garter A collection of Peggy Lutz’s memories between the years of 1944 and 1946, primarily recounting life of a young woman doing her part for the War effort as a US Navy WAVE. Women Accepted … Continue reading

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Not too long ago, as a result of a fairly substantial adrenalin rush in a parking lot, I did a little research into the danger of said rushes. Facts are not comforting. My conclusion at the time was that it’s … Continue reading

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