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The Touch: To Homeless and Back

It took just one second – well, maybe two seconds – for my disease-free, chemical-clean, well balanced body to move through space from the booth’s platform to the Diner restaurant’s floor. With some instant clarity on the way down, I … Continue reading

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Claim? What Claim?

Our US Postal Service has faltered! Its motto, “Through wind, rain and fog”, or whatever, is now unmistakably tarnished. I refer to the order of 24 of my WWII autobio’s, complete with enclosed Invoice, sent to the Tillamook Air Museum … Continue reading

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Have you female veterans ever sat with a group of guys who have served, and been so bored and ignored that you finally got up and left? Did any one of them ever turn to you and say, “Hey, what … Continue reading

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In The Dead of Night

I’ve discovered a difference between a stay-at-home mom and a stuck-at-home senior. One is overloaded with keeping kids, husband, house in working order. The other is overloaded with piddlin little aggravations, and way too much time on hand to ignore … Continue reading

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Wiring Can Be Tiring, Trying

Men are wired different. Explanation or excuse? Both, also fact, as based on my personal experience which has been built up over nine decades of observation, plus 58 years, four months and twenty-six days of life called marriage, to the … Continue reading

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Just Have A Seat And …….

We all know that familiar phrase “Just have a seat” especially in the context of the doctor’s office, don’t we. It inevitably goes like this: our arrival is the patterned couple-of-minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Never would we hazard … Continue reading

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Cell phones are slowly driving me to drink – not a place I want to be because of my genetic potential coupled with my current overage of uncommitted hours every day. Conversely, maybe a cell phone addiction would cover both … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Crisis Management

Global fiscal crisis; impending debt ceiling debauchery. Hey, I’m taking a break from the news today to examine my own current fiscal crisis. Putting it into the fewest words, it’s that January is not the month to run out of … Continue reading

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