Author, Humorist, Teacher

Life in the late lane has been tamed by the recall and recording of not only a stint in military uniform during WWII, but also the caregiver’s role she has recently played in her husband’s final years. She now titles herself as a caregiver advocate, working to make public the heavy load borne for indefinite length of time by caregivers everywhere.

What People Have to Say About Peggy’s Books:

“Your book brings back wonderful memories…I sat right down and read it—and now want to read it again. You are a great writer and don’t tell me this is going to be the
end!” — BETTE HAGMAN, WWII civilian.

It seems strange to be writing to someone whom I have never met but who seems so very familiar. The face and the uniform are different but the memories and experiences we’ve had are strikingly similar. I am reading your delightful book that came to me from my sister. I limit myself to only six pages a day because I want it to last. I simply had to drop you a message to let you know how much I enjoy your book and to tell you that it came when I really needed a lift, since I am currently experiencing some very serious health challenges….you deserve to know that your words have brought many smiles and a few hearty belly laughs. Thank you for writing this small treasure.” — EDNA SCOTT, WWII WAC.

“I told you your book brought back a lot of memories. I was right guide for the Singing Platoon in bootcamp.” — WAVE (in the book) ANNE MASTERSON

“I have read only the beginning and it triggered familiar memories. I too took the train from the west coast to Hunter in March of ‘43. We were the third company of SPARS…” VIOLET FEYLING.