The Trump’s Tsunami, Day 500-something

The Tsunami (metaphorically The Donald himself), is near to reaching its peak, having flooded ‘the swamp’ that was declared would be cleaned. Not surprisingly the swamp is now in overflow with a wash of hastily named and unqualified crocodiles, numbers of them having quickly sunk or smartly debarked to higher ground. The great majority of us Americans have followed suit on the latter, seeking oxygen and altitude to stay above the rabble-ish mess.

However, what we see from higher ground is heartbreaking. The tsunami has rolled in, smashing and smothering all in its path. The government landscape has been scraped clean of motions, ordinances, decrees, statutes put in place purposefully to keep all humans and animals safe from dangerous drinking water; polluted air; toxic sprays; GMOs, ad infinitum. Plus the disaster is threatening to clog financial arteries to the arts and humanities, meaningful for the joy of life. Joy? Where has that word gone – along with spontaneous laughter, and the comfort of living with no fear of tomorrow.

Before ebbing with its giant sucking sound, the now stagnant tsunami is seemingly focused on eradicating the written word, aka ‘the Press’. Think for a moment all that is implied in the word ‘eradicating.’ Reporters withstand insults and harassment while persisting in their endeavor to keep us informed thereby prevent that word from getting a life. Journalists range the world to connect us with other countries, cultures and conditions, all the time concerned that the facts they send back might get edited, altered, shrunk to fit ‘policies’, aka politics. In a Democracy, the Press is an artery to be left alone.

In our culture, libraries house written words which are stimulants, provide opinion, offer knowledge, history, wisdom. Libraries are to be funded and left alone, along with Public Radio and TV. Words, whether written or spoken, form us into who we are from infant to adult. They propel us from thought to action. The printed word is to be left alone.

Donald, be advised that your tsunami runneth the swamp over. Why don’t you just say, “It was a great ride, the greatest in the whole world, there was no collusion, I didn’t do anything wrong, the bad stuff was all done by Obama before I got in office, I won the electoral college by a big margin, and all I did was roll everything back.”  Then step down. That will save both your face and your bucket. And when you do, take all your emoluments, along with Stormy, Mary and twenty-plus other identified accusers, your money-making, lawsuit-prone family, and all your unread daily advisories. We want back our White House, government, reputation, allies, status as Leader of the Free World. And clean air. And our National Parks. And progress on climate control. And funding for medical research. And most of all, cohesiveness.

You can have Putin.

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