The Trump’s Tsunami

Given our impression that The Donald is, among other traits, delusional, let’s toy with a slice of his delusions this way: he sees himself as being a “greatest of all time” Tsunami cascading him over Washington, crashing him directly (even ahead of time) into the White House, his misfit cabinet appointees barging in right behind him in a rag-tag flotilla. Of course the family was floating around right then too, looking for a tree near the front door to grab onto. And they found it; sloshed their way into the West Wing without even a security check. Why not. They had the Name. And the class-less brass.

Tsunamis can’t be stopped or even controlled. That’s what Trump was counting on, that he could stay above the laws of our country long enough to get where he could make his own laws, or live without any.

Well, Donald, this huge, destructive, metaphorical tsunami, is tinier than you can believe. It is only the size of one overweight, swaggering, self-serving, cunning-minded mortal who is entering the chronological portals of mental aging. The latter is one truth you will not be able to buy, barter, or deal on, Donald.  A truth that you, in all your moneyed power, cannot reverse or modify: the Office of President of the United States takes a terrible physical toll on its occupant, that is IF the occupant conducts himself as The President, and Leader of the Free World.

As for your flotilla of cabinet choices, they figure metaphorically as flotsam and jetsam, junk picked up in the irresponsible surge of your arrogance, to be deposited wherever and allowed to do whatever. With all those misfits looking to you for their marching orders, the picture of the eventual recession of the tsunami with our trashed government left behind, is tortuous.

Unfortunately, the cleanup at the end of the brainless Trump Tsunami will be have to be done by those of us commoners who are NOT the delusional, power-mad, law-breaking, Constitution-defying few whose thinking you currently control, Donnie. Yes, we ‘commoners’ will do the cleanup, quick as we can, and gladly!

Yes, we will pick up the ragged pieces of Programs that helped the troubled. Programs that fed hungry families. Programs that paid back the owed portion of lifetime earnings. Programs that gave support to schools and colleges, thus hope to our youth. Programs that served life and death medical needs for all ages and diseases. We will sweep up carefully, saving all we can of the broken chunks that might be melded back together again and put back into service to us, The People.

Finally, after your exit or demise (whichever comes first), we will restore their specified duties to the three branches of Government. We will bring back decency in dialogue with not only other countries, but also with our citizens. We will work to restore dignity and respect for all, regardless of their station in life. We will give those seeking asylum their day, regardless of religion, according to our accepted democratic creed coupled with our tested system of due processing.

Yes, Trump, if good fortune or a miracle happens for our country, and this tsunami made up of you et al are dethroned by Justice, we’ll hop right to all of the above in a heartbeat. We the majority, we the aware, we the law abiding Americans, we are indefatigable, resilient, patient, caring, smart.  We are counting on the inevitable recession of your Big Wave, knowing that when a tsumani rolls in, it rolls out as a waste filled, putrid drain. Yes, and we’ll do shore cleanup, we who honestly love our beautiful country.

You and your White House crew may need a life raft to float you all back to the Golden Tower, soggy and shore-less after your despotic ride on the crest.



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